Our Difference

We decode, design, and develop the capabilities that enable organisations to make the agile paradigm shift. Our research-based integrated diagnostic tools use visual thinking aids to present a systems perspective that provides a shared language on dynamic capabilities across the entire organisation.

Why AGILITYINSIGHTS is different

In a dynamic context, the quick fix, tips, tricks, and best practice clichés won’t work. And because every organisation is unique, we start with a proven, fit-for-purpose diagnostic that shows up the right insights to ensure we create agile and people-centric capabilities with you that deliver sustainable results for your unique context.


Learning starts with attention and awareness. Our solutions offer insights and choices for conversations with your team on what it takes to get there on your own—fast.

Our certified Mentors and the Systemic Approach are different from those offered by other consultancies. First, we ensure what we do works, and then we transfer our knowledge and skills across to your organisation to empower your people to perform without external help.

We call this facilitated learning and it leads to:

  • A high level of buy-in, and with it, a higher success rate.
  • Ongoing innovations that come from your own team, not from an outsider who will leave.
  • Knowledge upon which you can build in the future.

Where the difference comes from

AGILITYINSIGHTS’ systemic approach is well researched. Every part of our diagnostics, models, and methodology has been tried and tested. A host of clients can vouch for our value.

Primarily, it's our certified Mentors that make the difference. They combines the best of business experience with facilitation expertise. Here are some of the ways in which we get great results:

  • Our Performance Triangle Model helps create a shared language around agile.
  • We use consistent, repeatable, and learning oriented Visual Design Thinking to guide observations and facilitate an accurate interpretation of the data.
  • We are experienced in using feedback from our diagnostics to stimulate self-reflection, and facilitate inclusive multi-voice and multi-perspective dialogues.

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We would be happy to connect you with a certified mentor in our community for a conversation. They are here to support you make the step changes in outcomes.

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