The Mentoring

If you want to implement agile design successfully but don’t want to pay unnecessarily large fees, let our experienced experts offer you proven solutions at reasonable rates.

AGILITYINSIGHTS’ Mentors are experienced senior leaders, entrepreneurs, and scientists operating from many locations around the world. They have been trained in the use of our solutions to support executives, teams, and organisations.


When you combine design, research, diagnostics, and practical experience, you can achieve a paradigm shift in the way you work and the outcomes you generate. Together, we ensure that opinions translate to meaning, causes replace symptoms, and ideas turn into action.

Normally, one single mentor guides every step from start to end. At times, special methods, tools, and technologies are required or more mentoring capacity is needed. To convert design into active agility and people-centricity, our mentors have access to the best experts needed to support rapid deployment.

Our experts have roots in science, arts, leadership, craft, and sports. They teach at universities, conduct management research, practice the arts, lead major companies, design organisations, and enjoy peak performance sports. Our inspiration comes from:

  • Science: Theory: clarity of thought.
  • Arts: Models: meaning, early signals.
  • Leadership: Concepts: effective engagement.
  • Craft: Knowledge: getting things done.
  • Sports: Performance: feedback for fast learning.

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