Working with us

We’re here to help you make the transition to reach people-centricity and a high level of agile maturity with your organisation. Whether you’re looking for external support to guide your development or have the capability in-house, our top-of-the-world network of certified mentors can support you to make the shift.

We call ourselves mentors, not consultants. This is to mark the difference that we believe you and your teams can do it on your own. All you need is the right set of questions, choices on the answers, and guidance to get there fast. That is what our mentoring does.

AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET Certified Agile Mentors

The Mentoring

Our certified Mentors are renowned as top-of-the-world experts with extensive experience in the process of building agile and people-centric capabilities. They engage in research, provide thought leadership, and can work directly with you, your team, and your organisation to help you recognise step changes in outcomes.

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Mentoring Toolbox and Support

For members of our global network of certifed Mentors, we offer a toolbox and services to support their work with clients in the area of management, organisation, executive coaching, teaching, research, training, workshops and seminars.

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Our Difference

Our solutions offer a systemic perspective; they are based on independent research, and are widely published in our books to help create a shared language on dynamic capabilities that permeates entire organisations.

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Business Cases

Over the past years, we have worked on many client cases worldwide.

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Become Certified

Empower your staff with our industry leading certification training. Gain the skills to develop agile and people-centric from the inside out.

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The Toolbox

Our Systemic Approach uses the Performance Triangle to display diagnostic results and facilitate Visual Design Thinking with a common language.

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Our blog, the management letter, news, white papers, research, and knowledge base covers all things on agile and people-centric.

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Create sustainable capabilities

Find out how we can support you and your organisation with expert experience and mentoring.

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