AGILITYINSIGHTS is a global community of senior leaders and entrepreneurs with roots in science, arts, leadership, craft, and sports. Our members teach at universities, conduct management research, practice the arts, lead major companies, design organizations, and enjoy peak performance sports. Our aim is to create a better world through clearer, more effective, and more sustainable action.

Our inspiration comes from:

  • Science: Theory - clarity of thought.
  • Arts: Models - meaning, early signals.
  • Leadership: Concepts - effective engagement.
  • Craft: Knowledge - getting things done.
  • Sports: Performance - feedback for fast learning.

We continuously advance our models, technologies and diagnostic tools through research and practice exchange. We present our research at conferences, conduct seminars with practical insights, give keynote speeches at events, and connect people. Many of our partners have written books about management or publish actively, be as part of their research or as practical insights via social media channels.

If you have any questions for any one of our partners, please get in touch.




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