Since 2002, Agility Insights AG offers management services for the partners of the AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET and their clients, be it executive teams of companies, public administration and non-profit organizations of all sizes, in every industry and every life-cycle stage worldwide around the world.

Agility Insights AG operates the global AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET.

Agility Insights USA, LLC is an independent company located in Lakeland, Florida, USA.

Lukas Michel is the CEO of Agility Insights AG and leads, together with Regional Business Partners, the AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET.

Mountains and sports mean a lot to us!

Sports, like business strategy, requires agile leadership and management insights. As in the corporate environment, leadership means decision-making when circumstances change or unexpected events demand a detour.

In an environment fraught with complexity, it takes foresight to plan for and complete the journey; it requires the ability to be agile enough to survive amid changing conditions.

AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET can trace back its roots to the Engadin Valley in the Swiss Alps –the breath taking surroundings that inspire peak performance in sports and business.

Photos: Lukas Michel


Lukas Michel, CEO

Agility Insights AG

c/o KD Zug Treuhand AG

Untermüli 7, Postfach 4440

CH-6302 Zug

Voice: +41 44 683 15 95

Mail: michel(@)


Dr. Herb Nold, Managing Director

Agility Insights USA, LLC.

5337 N. Socrum Loop Road

Suite 101

Lakeland, Florida 33809

Voice: +1 863-397-2865

Mail: nold(@)




Agility Insights AG
Untermüli 7, Postfach 4440
6302 Zug, Switzerland
T: +41 44 683 15 95
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