In a dynamic market context, agile design differentiates winners from losers. Agile has become the norm of how work gets done in many functional areas. To scale agility, the main challenge is to bridge the gap between agile aspirations and the traditional design of management an organization. Scaling agile requires a design of management that fits is business. Closing that gap starts with the executive board accepting that it must be first in making the shift to agile.

This is where the work of the Agile Supervisor™ begins: The design and development of strategic agility. You work with the executive board to diagnose what is needed for step changes in outcomes, help them design agile management and organization, and overview the development of agile capabilities throughout the organization.


AGILITYINSIGHTS certifies Agile Supervisors™ in the use of our method, the models, and diagnostic tools that enable your management to develop agile capabilities. During the certification training, you will learn how to identify agile maturity levels, discover design patterns, choose the right management models, and work through options and alternative paths to develop agile capabilities.


Consider: Strategic agility throughout the organization rather than isolated agile projects

Consider: Diagnostic insights rather than guessing agile capabilities

Consider: A proven and research-based approach rather than just another new fad

The Agile Supervisor™ certification has a variety of benefits:

  • Learn from those that have done this successfully over 16 years worldwide
  • Apply a well-documented and proven agile methodology and model
  • Insights into how to use the diagnostic design check with your board
  • Preferred access to our latest research, client practice, experience patterns, and benchmarks
  • Join an active community with a focus on the agile design for management
  • Get personal support from a dedicated and experienced AGILITYINSIGHTS Certified Partner

Your Agile Supervisor™ certification comes with an AGILITYINSIGHTS Corporate Membership. With this, you have preferred access to the .NET Hub, our community platform for agile management and organization design with tools, for the exchange, and extended insights.

Agility belongs in the board. This is why AGILITYINSIGHTS focuses on strategic issues, those that require the attention of the board. Together, we set the stage for successful agile transformations and huge step changes in performance and innovation.




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