We know from our research and the experience with clients that business models and management models must fit to yield superior organisational outcomes. And, in a dynamic environment, the fit needs an agile design.

With the results from the Agile Design Check™, AGILITYINSIGHTS partners guide you and your team through the design of your agile workplace, your organisation, capabilities, management, and the toolbox - all of which determine your organisation's operating system.

AGILITYINSIGHTS research has identified 38 factors that require an agile design:



The Agile Configurator™ comes with 30 Visual Thinking Aids, the Management Design Canvas and 10 Design Check Result Reports to support your agile design choices.

  • The Visual Thinking Aids combine the diagnostic information with comparative industry information, benchmarks, expertise, and latest research insights.
  • The Management Design Canvas is a workshop tool that engages your people in the process.
  • The Design Check Result Reports offer a variety of perspectives for you to fit the design to your purpose.

In combination, the Agile Configurator™ relates your organisation-specific diagnostic information with organisation size, structure, life cycle, strategy and external challenges to offer you a series of design options to choose from.

The AGILITYINSIGHTS agile shift is extensively documented in our guide book, MANAGEMENT DESIGN. It illustrates our method with the design framework, offers a manual design check, guides the interpretation, and supports design work with many examples, questions and extended literature.


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