For superior business outcomes, business, management and organisation need to fit with the right design. Because change is constant, a design that fits is not fixed, it’s agile.


But, fit, design, and agility are invisible. We can only design things that we can see. That’s why we support your Agile Paradigm Shift with three parts.

  1. With the Agile Design Check, we make existing gaps, models, patterns, and assumptions visible and spot the potential.
  2. With these insights and the help of the Agile Configurator, we identify what it takes to build an agile operating system.
  3. Through Agile Supervision, we support the development of agile capabilities for superior decisions, behaviors and actions.

Part 1: Agile Insights – fast, easy, and precise assessment



In no time, our statistically validated online diagnostic tool with up to 102 metrics reviews your organisation’s gaps and spots the unused potential for you to sets the benchmark and baseline for your agile design.

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Part 2: Agile Design - fit for your purpose




With 30 visual thinking aids, the Management Design Canvas, and 10 reports, AGILITYINSIGHTS partners guide you and your team through a series of models, principles, and options for you to determine the agile design of your organisation's operating system.

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Part 3: Agile Development – capabilities, deep embedded in the culture



Once the right design has been determined, AGILITYINSIGHTS partners guide you and your team in the development of the dynamic capabilities that enable your organisation to successfully make the agile paradigm shift and reach the desired level of agile maturity.

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Experience AGILITYINSIGHTS in 5 minutes. Take our free demo: Agile Design Check

Our clients say our work is highly effective because:

  • We take the right approach to designing and developing agile, as a key competitive advantage
  • The dynamic capabilities we build in to every one of our designs provides the assurance that their business will be sustainable in today’s volatile environment
  • Our style is quick, engaging, structured, inspiring, and impactful.

Living our values in the way we work:

  • Agile: we are flexible, combine digital meetings with onsite personal conversations and guided workgroup sessions.
  • Individual: Every situation is different. Hence, every project is different. Standardization makes us flexible. Design projects adapt to client needs.
  • Social: every participant is part of the solution.
  • Actionable: our advice is tailored to your context so that you can go forward without us.
  • Measurable: our data-driven approach has long-standing value. Many of our clients come back to review their development with another design check and after-action review.
  • Practical: outcomes are tangible and practical. It’s about getting things done and generating results.




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