For superior organisational outcomes, business, management, and context need to fit. And, for success in a dynamic context, they need an agile design. But, fit, design, and agility are invisible. We can only design things that are visible.

AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET Agile Management and Organisation

Our work starts with making existing models, patterns, and assumptions visible. With this, we customize the design of management and organisation to fit it to the business. This establishes a baseline for superior decisions, behaviors and actions, and a successful business.

Because change is constant, a good design of management and organisation is not fixed, it’s agile. And that’s what we offer:


The Agile Design Check identifies Agile Design Maturity™ and sets the baseline for the agile design shift. Our research on agile maturity levels has identified six dominant patterns and typical initiatives that organisations use to make step-changes in agile design.


Experience AGILITYINSIGHTS in 5 minutes. Take our free demo: Agile Design Check to quick scan your organisation's agile maturity.

Our clients say our work is highly effective because:

  • We take the right approach to designing and developing agile, as a key competitive advantage
  • The dynamic capabilities we build in to every one of our designs provides the assurance that their business will be sustainable in today’s volatile environment
  • Our style is quick, engaging, structured, inspiring, and impactful.

Living our values in the way we work:

  • Agile: we are flexible, combine digital meetings with onsite personal conversations and guided workgroup sessions.
  • Individual: Every situation is different. Hence, every project is different. Standardization makes us flexible. Design projects adapt to client needs.
  • Social: every participant is part of the solution.
  • Actionable: our advice is tailored to your context so that you can go forward without us.
  • Measurable: our data-driven approach has long-standing value. Many of our clients come back to review their development with another design check and after-action review.
  • Practical: outcomes are tangible and practical. It’s about getting things done and generating results.




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