Our mission is Changing the world through better management. Supervisors work as part of your team to accomplish that goal. We believe in in-house professionals who take charge of projects by leveraging our facts-based systemic approach to make the agile and people-centric shift.

Supervision Training is the first step in becoming certified in supporting your organisation with our Systemic Approach and the Diagnostic on its path to agile maturity and people-centricity.


Learn how to interpret diagnostic results, and initiate and supervise agile development with the most widely used Diagnostic in the world. Through Visual Design Thinking and the use of our Dynamic Leadership Models you can train and coach your leaders.


  • Strategic agility throughout the organisation rather than isolated agile projects.
  • Diagnostic insights rather than guessing agile competence.
  • A proven and research-based approach rather than just another new fad.

With the Supervision Training, you will become part of our HUB for continuous development and knowledge exchange with the SUPERVISOR access to tools, research, and guides to support your work.

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