ShapeTOflow is a 2-day personal development program for individuals that want to learn about how to unlock their potential to perform at their best and experience flow more often.

Shape stands for the active creation of the conditions and the flow state experienced when capabilities and challenges align for peak performance. We use sports (Ski or golf) to create the context for experiential learning. The program teaches inner game principles and techniques to make best use of the own resources and skills.


ShapeTOflow is ideal for leaders that want to experience the benefits of people-centric management, agile organisation and dynamic capabilities before they initiate their own transformation project with their organisation.

ShapeTOflow combines mentoring, diagnostic and training for individuals with the following:

  • Diagnose flow, the Inner Game and organisational elements
  • Individual mentoring on current managerial issues
  • Practice Inner Game mental techniques: Awareness, choice, trust
  • Experience how to unlock the potential and limit interferences
  • Learn about how to best use own resources: focus of attention, time and energy

The program includes the following:

  • MY FLOW SCAN: Diagnostic and Mentoring
  • My Flow Scan result report and workbook
  • Agile by Choice (LID Publishing, 2021): Workbook 2020
  • Performance mentoring sessions
  • Mental mentoring sessions with sports (Golf, Ski)

Our home-base for shapeTOflow is St.Moritz, Engadin, Switzerland. However, we conduct the program anywhere in the world where there is business, ski or golf.

AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET ShapeTOflow BusinessShapeTOflow for Business Executives

This program focuses on business performance and uses sports (golf, skiing) as real-time experiences. Participants will experience the inner game and resource principles for effective goal orientation, efficiency, strategy implementation, motivation, trust, self-responsibility and performance. With the diagnostic results, we will discuss the transfer of these principles into 21-century management practices.

We offer ShapeTOflow Business on demand for individuals, groups or as a company internal program.

AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET ShapeTOflow GolfShapeTOflow Golf

Success in golf comes with the balance of enjoyment, learning and performance. ShapeTOflow helps golfers work on their mental fitness to reach their potential. The program mixes the theoretical background, exercises on the driving range and an 18-hole round guided by the mentor. Participants will take away a series of practices and exercises that will allow them to continue the development beyond the program.

We offer ShapeTOflow Golf on demand for individuals or small groups of golfers.


Skiing offers many opportunities to experience awareness, choice and trust. The program includes exercises on ski where participants experience the effects of the Inner Game principles and learn about the effects of focused attention. With the diagnostic results, participants gain insights on how to apply the inner game and resource principles to the management of organisations.

We offer ShapeTOflow Ski on demand for individuals or small groups of skiers.

For your Inner Game business, golf or ski experience:

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