Our mission is Changing the world through better management. To accomplish this goal, we train and certify consultants, senior executives, coaches, researchers, and trainers as mentors to use and leverage our Diagnostic and the methodology in support of their clients with their shift to dynamic capabilities.

The Masterclass Training is the first step to becoming certified in supporting your clients with our Systemic Approach and the Diagnostic on their path to people-centric, agile, and dynamic.


Learn how to interpret diagnostic results, distil the key issues that require attention, craft a development roadmap, and guide your clients by applying a Systemic Approach through Visual Design Thinking and dynamic management models in your mentoring and training.


  • Insightful diagnostics rather than cumbersome interviews.
  • Pattern recognition through visuals to separate root causes from symptoms.
  • Large group facilitation that translates ideas into action.

With the Masterclass Training, you will become part of our HUB for continuous development with the opportunity to participate in research, offer your ideas, and exchange knowledge. You will have MENTORING access to tools, insights, and guides to support your mentoring, be your mentoring for an individual, a team, or an organisation as a whole.

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