The one-day Forum engages executives in our systemic approach to initiate the first steps in the agile and people-centric shift for step changes in outcomes with their organisations. It’s part of our mission, which is Changing the world through better management.

The Forum is a public offering or an on-demand in-house workshop supporting leaders to discuss and identify the best way to start their agile and people-centric initiative.


Learn from others, from business cases, and research insights on how to best raise the attention of your managers and how to engage your team and organisation in reaching agile maturity and people-centricity with the help of our Diagnostic, Visual Design Thinking, and Dynamic Leadership Models for development and training.


  • Knowing with precision rather than guessing when it comes to dynamic capabilities
  • A systemic approach across the organisation rather than scattered initiatives
  • A Dynamic Leadership Model model rather than ideology from coaches and trainers

When you are bringing the Diagnostic and a Systemic Approach to your deevelopment initiative, you are adding rigorous research, valid and reliable data, a proven methodology, and real work results.

With the Forum, you become part of the HUB which offers continuous updates and knowledge exchange. The SILVER HUB gives you access to tools, research, and guides to support your initiative.

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