Changing the world through better management is our mission. But we need your engagement to accomplish this goal. We certify you to help your executives, teams, organisations, and those you support to make the shift to agile and people-centric. The certification training prepares you for this.

We believe in the capacity of people in organisations so they can leverage our research, diagnostics, and experience. When you are bringing diagnostics and a systemic approach to your development initiative, you are adding rigorous research, valid and reliable data, a proven methodology, and real work results.

AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET Certification Program

If you work inside an organisation, you become certified in our Diagnostic and the Systemic Approach.

If you work with an organisation, you become certified to use and support our Diagnostic, the methodology, and models.

Certification begins by attending one of our certification trainings and gaining a foundation of AGILITYINSIGHTS’ Diagnostic, the methodologies, models, and research.

Check out the training calendar to register for an upcoming certification training.

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