With the practical experience from over 150 clients worldwide and the insights gained from our 2018 global study on agile design, we have introduced a series of new reports that take data-based agile design to new hights.

In line with all our Agile Design Check diagnostic surveys, we have introduced the following:

  • Agile Design Score™: The standard and yardstick for every agile transformation project
  • Agile Maturity™: Six levels of behaviours, capabilities and tools for agile management and organisation
  • Agile Profiles™: Six factors that determine whether your agile design is a competitive advantage
  • Agile Design Patterns™: 15 benchmarks categories that allow you to compare your design with peers
  • Agile Design Features™: 30 visual thinking aids that facilitate your thinking about agile design
  • Agile Design Options™: The end-to-end process that helps you make design decisions and implement them
  • Agile Developent Paths™: The essence of 15 years experience and expertise in implementing new agile design

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Published: 18:45:36 28.06.2018 Agility Insights AG, Lukas Michel




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