When employee surveys show the same result – year by year

March 2018 | Lukas Michel, Agility Insights

Insights rather than predetermined responses.

We know the results of every employee survey before we even start it: “Communications needs to be improved”, “Strategy is not fully understood”, “Employees don’t feel supported”, … . We get the results in detail and for every organizational unit. It seems like it all looks the same with marginal differences from one year to another year. The leadership team sets time aside to review the results. As HR, we support that discussion with lots of ideas about what could be done. Projects get started such as “Let’s improve communications” even though we know that it will not do any good – besides our confidence that “we do something”. Here is an idea what you can do about it.

What about the underlying routines of getting things done, the principles of how we do things, or the habits of what we do or don’t do? We feel that there is something underlying all our decisions, behaviors, and actions? What if we could address the root causes of our survey results?

In most organizations, the source of the issues identified in employee survey is located below the things that employee surveys report. The task is to dig deeper into leadership, culture and managerial systems. How much bureaucracy is too much? How are decision made in the organization? What are the routines that reduce complexity? What are the principles that help us resolve ambiguities? How do controls motivate employees to perform? Or to put it differently, why do our managerial system create de-motivation rather than to support employees for peak performance?

These are some of the responses that CEOs get from using our design check. In no time, the tool delivers unprecedented insights in what it takes to enable the organization to perform. In addition to traditional employee survey results, the tool puts the findings in a systems oriented manner such that the root causes of things can be addressed. This results in an approach that ensured that the right issues are addressed.

How do you get there?

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