The Diagnostic

Agile? People-centric? Dynamic? Peak Performing?

The Diagnostic scans organisation, management, and capabilities, offers thought provoking insights, checks on future fitness, and determines what it takes to make the shift. AGILE SCAN, EXECUTIVE INSIGHTS, TEAM FITNESS, and ORGANISATION SHIFT solutions combine increasing depth of assessment with increasing levels of service.

The Diagnostic is an integrated assessment tool in support of our Systems Approach. The results are displayed through various dimensions as visual thinking aids in workbooks that help you raise awareness, apply the insights, and learn as you go.

The Diagnostic is an online questionnaire for managers and employees that takes 10–25 minutes to complete and is available with 22, 33, 47, 59 and 102 elements.

It is extensively documented in our books The Performance Triangle and Management Design with definitions of all factors, their visual presentation, their foundation in research, examples, business cases, and hints for the right design.



7 dimensions combine agile organisation, people-centric management, dynamic capabilities, and outcomes:

Agile organisation: Maturity, 11 Performance Triangle elements

People-centric management: 10 people-centric levers, 20 Leadership Scorecard elements

Dynamic capabilities: 4 dynamic levers, speed, agility, resilience, 15 Leadership Toolbox elements

Outcomes: Performance, innovation, growth

Visual Thinking Aids

30 visual thinking aids help you set the baseline, identify blind spots, create a typology, establish yardsticks, challenge assumptions, and guide the design and transformation.

AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET 6 Diagnostic Dimensions

Reports and Workbooks

25 result reports and workbooks support every part of the process as executive summaries, workbooks for workshops, technical reports for the design, and guides for agile and people-centric development.


AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET Responsive Diagnostics   The Diagnostic applies the latest survey technology for the best available user experience with responsive design and is accessible anytime through most devices from anywhere around the world. SSL offers the security with the transmission of the assessment information.


Related Research and Publications

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