The Leadership Model

The Performance Triangle is our dynamic model for people-centric leadership. The model creates a shared language based on a Systems Approach and serves as a guide for leadership with an agile approach to compete in a dynamic business context.

The Performance Triangle emerged more than 15 years ago while working with clients on agile capabilities. We put it through the rigor of independent research to confirm significant relationships among the elements that make up the model. The model helps leaders to relate and discuss important elements that encompass agile people leadership.

Systems, leadership, and culture make up the triangle and form the dynamic context for people (at the centre) to perform at their peak. Purpose, relationships, and collaboration represent the stable elements of the model by establishing the desired working environment.

AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET Dynamic Leadership Model

The Performance Triangle frames 37 elements that are part of our Agile Diagnostics. As such, the Performance Triangle turns into a measurement tool for agile capabilities: speed, agility, and resilience frame dynamic capabilities; performance, innovation, and growth are the outcomes.

As a visual thinking aid, the Performance Triangle makes leaders re-examine the many assumptions underlying their leadership styles and practices and encourages them to analyse how their organisations can develop agility through a people-centric approach. It helps leaders to understand their options and to make the necessary choices to prepare their organisations for the future.

The Leadership Scorecard and the Leadership Toolbox are extensions of the Performance Triangle. They add depth to the model and a managerial perspective to agile leadership. In addition, and to serve as our diagnostic framework, we use the Performance Triangle in all our development and training work with our clients. It becomes the model for people-centric management and leadership.

The Book

Our book, The Performance Triangle is a featured thought leadership reading at the annual Global Drucker Forum in Vienna.

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