Free Diagnostic

How agile, people-centric and dynamic is your organisation? What can you do?

This free Diagnostic scans your organisation's agile maturity level and reviews the critical people-centric elements that determine the performance in your organisation.

Register and invest 5 minutes to answer the questions, and get a free web expert briefing on your results for a conversation on what you can do about them.

Register and answer the questions

The free Diagnostic diagnostic is open source. The questions and guides for their assessment, presentation, and analysis are presented in our books, The Performance Triangle, pages 16-17, and Management Design, pages 133-134.


This is how it works

This highly automated free Diagnostic has 22 questions, takes about 5 minutes to complete, and is limited to one participant per company. It comes with a 45-minute online feedback session guided by a certified Mentor.
The 20-pages workbook presents the results of the 22 elements with people elements, leadership, culture, systems, collaboration, purpose, and relationships, and how these combine to determine your organisation’s speed, agility, and resilience.
Access the diagnostic tool with your name and email address.
After completion of the assessment, download the article The Performance Triangle: Agile Management for a Dynamic Era with insights on the factors reviewed.
Once your assessment results have been processed and the report produced, a certified mentor will contact you for a 45-minute web feedback session.
After the session, you will receive a PDF copy of your workbook with the results.

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