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The Performance Triangle

Management Buch: The Performance Triangle

The guide for agile organization and people-centric management

"Lukas Michel, a leading management consultant, argues in his book that to win in an increasingly dynamic, ambiguous, and volatile environment, leadership teams in most industries must be agile – able to react flexibly to early signs and act on them quickly. The only thing we truly know about the future is that it will be different. Michel argues that we need to build organizations that can cope with these challenges rather than embarking on disruptive change processes. To do this, leaders face the dilemma of empowering people without losing control."

LID Publishing, London, October 2013, ISBN: 978-1907794414

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If you look for the Agility Insights Diagnostic (AID17) on page 368,
simply use our new, enhanced version: The Performance Triangle Diagnostic

THE PERFORMANCE TRIANGLE is featured at the annual forum

Dr. Richard Straub

President of Peter Drucker Society Europe

"[...] The Performance Triangle does not only ask the right questions, it also provides a diagnostic framework to deepen those and thus enables managers and leaders to find answers for the specific context of each organization. It helps to bridge the gap between the human capacity in organizations and the ability to master the challenges at hand. [...]"

Dialogue Review

David Creelmann

Creelman Research, an interview with Lukas Michel

"[...] Michel’s method is not algorithmic in the sense of “do this diagnostic and it will tell you the three things to do.” It is more: do the diagnostic, understand the system, and this will focus your attention on what matters. [...]"

Full interview

Heather Keathley

Virginia Tech University, on the PMA Conference 2014

"[...] The program included many excellent presentations including one by Lukas Michel who discussed his new book ‘The Performance Triangle’ in a presentation titled ‘Management Tools for the New Workplace'. His presentation described the new framework that is people-focused and tries to create a stronger connection between the people and the organization. [...]"

Advances in Performance Management

Dr. Richard Straub
Founder and President
Peter Drucker Society

Grounded in a synthesis of great management ideas and concepts from eminent thinkers such as Peter Drucker, Yves Doz and Gary Hamel and the deep and wide real-world experience of the author, it will help managers to ask the right questions.’