Management Book: Management Design

The workbook for people-centric management

"Management in turbulent times needs change. This book offers an exciting visual-thinking approach to help managers, leaders and entrepreneurs think through their options and find a way that best meets the needs of their businesses, that supports their talent to perform at their peak, and simultaneously builds the capabilities to cope with turbulent times."

LID Publishing, London, 2nd Edition, 2017, ISBN: 9781911498353

Visual design by Thomas Wickart:

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MANAGEMENT DESIGN - the best ever sold book of all events.

Eugenio Pirri

VP, people and organizational development at Dorchester Collection

"[...] On the management side, it does offer a good basis; investigating topics such as change, agility, resilience, culture and organizational challenges. [...] It contains several takeaways on how to manage time, focus attention and release productive energy; all of which are critical when times are tough." [...]

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Supplement: The 6th Annual Global Drucker Forum with an article by Lukas Michel and Management Design

"[...] Management Design as the best ever sold book at any Global Drucker Forum [...]". Manz Bookshop Vienna

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Dr. Richard Straub
Founder and President
Peter Drucker Society

Grounded in a synthesis of great management ideas and concepts from eminent thinkers such as Peter Drucker, Yves Doz and Gary Hamel and the deep and wide real-world experience of the author, it will help managers to ask the right questions.’

Dr. Susan U. Stucky 
former Associate Director
Institute for Research
on Learning and
Researcher at IBM

'The book made me hopeful about management in a way I had not been for some time! Lukas Michel delivers what very few management consultants do when they write books Management Design provides both compelling and actionable tools and well-researched and grounded frameworks to demonstrate why the tools are the way they are. He helps the reader make sense of a large body of formal research as well as trade books, while at the same time providing guidance and how-to’s to make management design achievable. It is truly a visual thinking aid, made all the more accessible through Thomas Wickart’s artful design throughout. It gave this reader a sense that, finally,  there is a systematic and comprehensive way to ensure a management strategy that will enable organizations to manage for turbulent times.'