Between October 2017 and February 2018, we conducted an online survey on agile management design. 220 companies across all sectors, all sizes and types of organisations in Europe and selected other areas participated. The results are available now and documented in a 44-page document.

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In short, here are the highlights of our findings:

  • Strategic agility belongs to the boardroom
  • The unused potential for agile design is huge
  • It’s about change without disruptive change
  • Agile design makes the difference.
  • Agile design is different
  • The design of management has changed
  • Good design pays
  • Leadership and systems must match
  • Agile design is context specific
  • The right design hardens culture
  • Agile design follows the thinking and doing

The radical impact comes from implementing the right design – an agile design.

To guide the design research, AGILITYINSIGHTS has identified 38 factors related to workplace, organisation, dynamic capabilities, management, and the leadership toolbox that determine an agile design. Organisation-specific diagnostic data, comparative industry information, benchmarks on organisation size, structure, and life cycle stage populate 30 visual thinking.


The 2018 Global Study report on Agile Management Design offers insights on…

  • The right balance between agile and stable capabilities
  • The key to speed and control in organisations
  • The relationship between resilience and renewal
  • The management model that fits the change context.
  • The connection between organisational and managerial agility
  • The design that builds competitive advantage
  • The fit of management model and business model
  • The links between design and outcomes

For practitioners of agile design, the report offers the following

  • Discover untapped agile potential
  • Untangle the relationships between culture, leadership and systems
  • Compare the results from your design check with benchmarks
  • Identify the agile trigger for your design project
  • Get design ideas and comparative information from others

A cooperation between AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET and Partner Guido Bosbach, ZukunftHeute.




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