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For every new goal, aligning everyone around that purpose is the job of the leader. In a dynamic market context and changing circumstances that job requires special attention:

  • You know, your management is great. But how do you make sure that it’s agile to succeed in the new normal?
  • Your team shares your ambition. What does it take for them to openly share their views and bring in their full talents?
  • You have a good sense of where your company is to achieve your goals. Does your team agree with you?
  • Your team is clear about what needs to get done. How do you know that you and your team’ agenda are fully aligned?

Leadership often happens in isolation. It is hard to know what others understand and believe. AGILITYINSIGHTS works on the basis that for any intervention, a single perspective is not enough. Effective leadership builds on a conscious and shared point of view. But, collecting divers opinions can be time consuming and cumbersome.

When it comes to agile design, we know that simple tips, tricks and best practices do not work. Agile must be custom-made to fit the unique business, the specific initiative, and the context in which management operates.

AGILITYINSIGHTS is an immediate, inclusive and diagnostic approach that enables leaders to engage those that are involved in management and organization in a conscious and shared agenda. Design must come from those that manage and organize on a daily basis. From a design perspective, this includes clarity on the following questions:

  • What is our business: Innovation or Efficiency?
  • What management model and systems fit our business model?
  • What organizational setup supports our goals?
  • What agile features lead to a competitive advantage?
  • What systems help us manage our business?
  • What interactions provide direction and purpose?

AGILITYINSIGHTS is practical and focuses on your agenda.

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