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When you work with executives and their teams, the exciting part of consulting work is to discuss business models. The harder part is to talk about how to enact these business models and make them work to deliver value. While business models are tangible and visible, management models and systems for implementation are intangible and often taken for granted. The only thing we sense are the symptoms of malfunctioning management systems. We know that design faults in management and organization are a frequent cause of failing business models. But, we can only design what we see.

This is why management design conversations require diagnosis and experience.

With AGILITYINSIGHTS, you can help your clients to decode the management models, systems and interactions that underpin their business model. The data is presented through visual thinking aids that allow executives and their teams to share different views and identify systemic patterns. As such, gaps and opportunities become clear and participants are able to identify the 4-7 thing they want to change in the design of their management and organization.  

AGILITYINSIGHTS is a tested design check and proven facilitation process that allows entrepreneurs, executives and work teams to deliberately design management and organization that meet the needs of their business model and operating context.

Consider: An insightful check-up rather than cumbersome interviews

Consider: Pattern recognition through visuals for team-based learning

Consider: Large group facilitation that translates ideas into action

We train and certify professional advisors, coaches, researchers and trainers to apply AGILITYINSIGHTS: Interpreting the results from the online experience, facilitating workshops, creating a development agenda and mentoring implementation requires senior experience.

Send us your information, and we will contact you for a conversation. Or, talk to one of our Regional Business Partners to discuss how AGILITYINSIGHTS adds to your work suite of client offerings.





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