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Agility Insights AG

AGILITINSIGHTS has had an international reputation for innovations in the field of business agility for business for more than 18 years.



We are a global community of certified Mentors, professionals, and practitioners who use our Diagnostic, the Toolbox and the Systemic Approach to help us achieve our mission.

Our Mentors are management experts who work with clients, conduct research, teach at business schools, and practise management. Their inspiration is our mission: Changing the world through better management. Together, we share, use, and further advance our foundations with the Systemic Approach to developing dynamic capabilities.

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Agility Insights AG

Since 2002, Agility Insights AG, based in Zug, Switzerland, has operated the business and hosted the GLOBAL HUB.

Agility Insights AG is an independent company founded and solely owned by Lukas Michel.

Lukas Michel is a board member and CEO. Together with Regional Business Partners, he leads the firm and the network.

Agility Insights USA, LLC is an independent company located in Lakeland, Florida, USA and owned by Dr. Herb Nold, Professor of Business at Polk State University, Lakeland, Florida.

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AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET Lukas MichelLukas Michel

Lukas’ systemic approach and 35 years’ experience as a senior executive in global corporations, supports executive teams worldwide on their path to agile.

He is the author of two management titles, The Performance Triangle and Management Design. His books have been featured as part of the leading conversation at the annual Global Drucker Forum in Vienna.

As an agile thought leader, he frequently publishes in journals, lectures at universities, and debates on the podium of recognised management forums around the world.

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The Global Drucker Forum in Vienna is our source of inspiration. Our membership and engagement for the forum is part of our mission.

Our Roots

Mountains and sports mean a lot to us.

Sports, like business strategy, require agile leadership and management insights. In the corporate environment, leadership means making decisions when circumstances change or when unexpected events demand a detour.

In an environment fraught with complexity, it takes foresight to plan for and complete the journey; it requires the ability to be agile enough to survive changing conditions.

AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET can trace its roots to the Engadin Valley in the Swiss Alps. These top-of-the-world surroundings inspire peak performance in sports and business.

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