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We support you and your team with a diagnostic tool, our design method, and the development process that enables your organisation to make the agile paradigm shift.

With this, your people can make huge step changes in performance, innovation and growth, generating sustainable long-term success.

AGILITYINSIGHTS comes in three parts:




Over the past 15 years, we have worked on more than 150 client cases worldwide. The data collected shows that 78% of problems with performance, innovation and growth in organizations can be avoided through agile design.

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Certified partners of our global community can work with your executive teams to answer these essential questions:

  • How can I rapidly disseminate new practices, capabilities and technologies?
  • What does it take to actualize my organization’s purpose, strategy and values?
  • How can I align people, organization and context?
  • Why can’t we repeat superior performance on a regular basis?
  • What does it take to ensure relentless discipline and quality?
  • Is there a way to continuously develop ourselves and renew our capabilities?



New  The strategic AGILITYINSIGHTS certification program for the chief of staff, HR, OD, agile coaches, leaders and experts, change agents





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