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AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET Lukas MichelChairman and Founder Agility Insights AG, Switzerland

Lukas Michel is the owner of Agility Insights AG, based in Switzerland, and CEO of the AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET, a global network of experienced business mentors.

In addition to lecturing at universities, licencing his own agile mentoring methodology, writing on management issues and building his consulting network, Lukas is a business leader with a track record of balance sheet accountability in his work for global corporations in Europe and Asia.

Over the course of his 40-year career he has worked with executive teams around the world, focusing on management and agility for a diverse range of local, national and global organizations.

For the last 20 years Lukas has been developing Diagnostic Mentoring, the methodology that offers diagnostics and a common framework and language for scaling ‘agile’ capabilities across all organizational levels.

He holds an MS degree in management from North Carolina State University, and bachelor’s degrees in textile management and teaching.

Lukas is the author of The Performance Triangle (2013), Management Design (2015, 2nd Ed.), People-Centric Management (2020), Agile by Choice (2021) and Diagnostic Mentoring (2022).

Lukas is also an Associate of the Global Drucker Forum.

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