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How managers use four levers to bring out the greatness of others

"This book argues that people-centric leadership is essential to succeed in the new dynamic business context. It offers four agile levers for leaders to unlock the full potential of people and turn valuable business opportunities into value for society. The challenge for leaders is to balance the tensions between the changing business context and the needs of people to apply their potential. People are at the centre of attention in this book. To unlock the full talent of people and succeed in a dynamic context, people need a work environment which differs from traditional organizations. It's an organization with tools, capabilities, and a culture designed for people. It caters to the individual. Organizations that want to deliver superior outcomes in a dynamic environment require agility - agile tools, agile capabilities - and a culture with a shared mindset that enables people to serve customers."

Lukas Michel, LID Publishing, London, 2020, ISBN: 9781912555994
Publikationstatum: 29. October 2020 (UK), 30. November 2020 (USA).


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"... Lukas Michel describes practical ways of changing the operating system for the organization by putting people in the centre of the endeavour. A book by a practitioner for practitioners ...”

- Dr Richard Straub, President, Peter Drucker Society Europe, Vienna

"... People-Centric Management, deftly presents a guided path for leaders who truly wish to transform their organization and teams – becoming people-centric practitioners coupled with ‘agile’ ..."

- Mark Béliczky, Executive Management Consultant and Advisor, The Carlyle Group, Washington, DC

"... Lukas connects the dots in a way that gives business agility even more meaning. The result is another strong confirmation that the future of management must be and will be people-centric ...”

- Bjarte Bogsnes, Chairman, Beyond Budgeting Roundtable, London