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Management Model Design

Success requires both: a great business model AND a sound management model

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The management model is what enables an organisation to actually deliver what its business model says it will deliver to customers.

Systems enact managers with the essential routines, tools and rules to manage companies and organizations in line with their management model.  

With carefully designed management models and systems, you will be able to reap the benefits of the hard work involved in inventing a great business model.

However, when there is no (or a badly designed) management, your organisation will never be able to deliver upon its promises.

You recognise the situation. You sense that clarity, engagement, productivity and team work are in conflict with confusion, disengagement, waste, egos and politics.

But how do you know? Trust your guts? Listen to those that voice their opinions? Sort out the many ideas?

Management Model Design: Insights

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You will only succeed, if you know how well your carefully designed management is able to reap the benefits of the hard work involved in inventing a great business model.

This will require you to turn opinions into meaning, move from symptoms to root-causes and translate ideas to action.

The future is with those that know.

Management Model Design is our new project. It offers the insights that will enable you to know with precision.

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You are a manager with better management in mind?

You are a management scientist with insights, design ideas and the desire to teach better management?

You are a management advisor with an interest in management design?

You have an interest in changing the world through better management?

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