AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET Management Design: This is how it works

AGILITYINSIGHTS management design is exclusively offered through certified partners. They ensure that clients get best mileage from the design check, the management design methodology, and the implementation. We combine the most sophisticated digital survey and meeting technologies with state-of-the-art collaborative facilitation techniques.

Take a look into some of the elements of our process:

A Social Technology  | AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET  Management Score  | AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET  Design Check  | AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET  Executive Briefing  | AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET  Pattern Recognition  | AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET  Visual Thinking Aids  | AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET  Team Workshop  | AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET  Performance Triangle  | AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET  Management Design Framework  | AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET  Expert Briefing  | AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET  Management Design Methodology  | AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET  Projects: Design Mentoring  | AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET  First-hand Insights  | AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET  Research & Development  | AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET

Normally, one single partner guides the entire end to end process. At times, distinctive mentoring techniques are required:


To convert design into active management, our partners have access to the best experts needed to support rapid implementation.

Management design is extensively documented in our guide book, MANAGEMENT DESIGN. It illustrates our method with the management design framework, offers a manual design check, guides the interpretation, and supports design work with many examples, questions and extended literature.

Our clients apply management design for organization-wide agility or specific entrepreneurial issues areas.




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