AGILITYINSIGHTS has several online design checks that you can use according to your situation. They are questions that your management and employees can complete online in 15 – 20 minutes.

The results show your organization's current agile design: how your organization sets goals, engages people, makes decisions, coordinates work, and develops the business.

This first part of our end-to-end process identifies the hidden potential in your organization and detects performance limiting interferences. It offers clarity on the root causes of problems and shows where the critical design issues are that require immediate attention.


The design check is extensively documented in our book THE PERFORMANCE TRIANGLE with a detailed description of all factors, their visual presentation, their foundation in research, examples, business cases, and hints for the right design.

EDUCATION Insights is a tailored online design check dedicated to teaching agile management and organization design in business schools and in our management design lab.

Web-based Survey Technology

The AGILITYINSIGHTS Design Checks apply the latest survey technology for the best available user experience.

Our web-based design checks use responsive design and are accessible through most devices from around the world.

SSL secured lines offer safe transmission of assessment information.




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