To improve organizational outcomes, management design needs to fit the business model and the specific context of the business. To do this, leaders and managers need to revise the way they think. That thinking is deeply influenced by existing managerial models and assumptions that shape the culture of the organization.

Our work starts with creating a new a set of conscious, agreed decisions and principles about how you will run your business. In our Management Lab, you will find out what it takes to fit your management design to the business context, its strategy, organization and business model.

With the design check, you will decode your current design. The workshop will help you understand, what is needed to adapt your management model to your business model and context.

We conduct the Management Lab frequently in locations around the world. The one-day workshop is ideal for you as a leader to sort out your situation in a neutral environment, or the entire management team to initiate an update of your management practices and routines. Participants determine the ideal location and time for the workshop. 7 participants are the minimum to ensure an interactive workshop where participants benefit from the wealth of experience.

The Management Lab is facilitated by an experienced AGILITYINSIGHTS partner in your area.

Fee: 3'000.- USD / participant. Rebates for entire management teams, non-profit organizations, or educational institutions apply on demand.

With the following "Registration" link, you can indicate your interest without commitment. We then will contact you to discuss options for the next possible Management Lab.

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Date 19.01.2018 - 30.03.2018
Category Management Labs 
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Place & date on request, worldwide

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