AGILITYINSIGHTS partners publish books and contribute to books with dedicated chapters. Here is a selection of our books:


Management Design: Managing People and Organisations in Turbulent Times

Lukas Michel with visuals from Thomas Wickart

LID Publishing, London, 2nd Edition, 2017, ISBN: 978-1911498353

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AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET The Performance Triangle

The Performance Triangle: Diagnostic Mentoring to Manage Organizations and People for Superior Performance in Turbulent Times.

Lukas Michel

LID Publishing, London, October 2013, ISBN: 978-1907794414

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AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET Arbeitsvisionen 2025

Arbeitsvisionen 2025: Perspektiven, Gedanken, Impulse und Fragen zur Zukunft unserer Arbeit

Guido Bosbach with contributions from our partners: Johanna Anzengruber, Raymond Hofmann, Wolfgang Schmid, Lukas Michel

Book on Demand, November 2015, ISBN: 978-3738650938

Book in German language

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AGILITYINSIGHTS.NET Mentale Gegegenmodelle

Mentale Gegen-Modelle: Das Inspirations-, Arbeits- und Reflexionsbuch für neue organisationale Glaubenssätze

Autor: Guido Bosbach

Book on Demand, Mai 2017, ISBN: 9783743175143, E-Book ISBN: 9783744825412

Book in German language

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Der schwarze Tiger – Was wir von Afrika lernen können

Hans Stoisser

Kösel Verlag, November 2015, ISBN 978-3-466-37125-9

Book in German language

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